Why The A380 Is The Coolest Way To Fly

The world’s biggest and greenest commercial airliner, the Airbus A380, is so sizable that Heathrow airport had to modify their engineering hangars to fit in the double-decker, wide-bodied giant. It’s built for comfort and power with four engines and numerous passenger benefits.

Reasons the A380 is awesome:

  • The interior is quieter and better pressurised meaning that you don’t get as tired when you travel.

Compared to the the Boeing 747-400:

      • It has 50% less cabin noise, 50% less noise on take off, 50% more cabin area and volume, larger windows, bigger overhead bins and 60 cm extra headroom. So loads more space for you and your baggage.



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The Airbus A380 is a throw back to the more glamorous days of aviation, when people dressed up to fly. First class benefits with certain airlines include a 3-room 12 metres squared residence, spa showers and a first class and business class bar.

      • The Emirates A380 was the first aircraft to be featured on Google Street View and it is the closest thing to owning a private jet.



  • A380 economy seats are up to 48 cm wide (in a 10-abreast configuration) compared with the 747-400 which typically has seats 44.5 cm wide (in a 10-abreast configuration).


  •  The A380’s upper and lower decks are wide enough to accommodate two passengers side-by-side; this cabin arrangement allows multiple seat configurations.


  • The A380 has bulbless LEDs in the cabin, cockpit, and cargo decks of the A380. The LEDs in the cabin are able to simulate daylight, night, or intermediate levels. On the outside of the aircraft, HID lighting is used for brighter illumination.


  •  Emirates’ Wi-Fi in the sky service. Select A380 flights also offer mobile phone use and data roaming using GPRS/EDGE.Every seat on board the Emirates A380 has a satellite telephone and onscreen email/SMS services.


  •  In 2009 Air France unveiled an upper deck electronic art gallery on its A380.


    Have a look at the interior of this British Airways A380 (you’ll also get a sneak peak at the 12 bunk hidden crew resting area).  

    For even more reasons check out some inspiring A380 instagram pics below:  

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